About Me

Welcome to onlinejobsforstudentsite.com

Hi – I’m Mike Parsons and thanks for visiting this site.

On this site I hope to connect you with some super opportunities for making money online.

I’m 26 and have had my fair share of job experiences both good and bad.


After college I drove a delivery truck until I found my first sales job which was selling lighting fixtures and supplies to hotels, management companies, hospitals, etc.

Not Very Exciting !

After that I sold insurance – Even More Not Exciting!!

I was involved in equipment financing – Was Not Too Excited There Either!!!

So I was just making a living and covering my expenses but not moving forward.


Then I understood something – I can only be with one customer at a time and I needed to find a way to increase my income without me physically being in front of a potential customer.

So you can have a website for a brick and mortar business where you can have customers find you, visit your place, even buy from you – but you will still need to be there in front of them physically.

Therefore I saw that a website was only part of the equation and that I needed something to sell that will be online, without involving me directly too much in the process.

That is when I understood that I can become an affiliate marketer.

I can sell an information product, an item on Amazon, or just about anything that offers an affiliate program for selling  products.

What this means is that if someone buys a product through my website and usually at the same price – I get a commission.

In other words this means passive income – Just what I was looking for!


There are over 2,000,000,000 BILLION people connected online!

I wanted a small piece of that BIG pie.


Only thing is I wasn’t quite sure as to how to go about doing it and I had a ton of questions.

I was afraid of making mistakes or losing money because I didn’t have the required knowledge.

Then I found Wealty Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is an online community of people with an internet presence (beginners, internet marketers, developers, business owners, etc.) that share an interest at how they can get better results online. The biggest advantage here is that I am part of a community that can answer any question I may have and they really care about my success.

There is a ton of training, videos, articles, support, you even get 2 free websites and anything you will need to be successful online.

They take you step by the hand step by step and show you how to earn money with internet connection and some wisely invested time.


Did I mention it’s free to join?

Come check it out.